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With John you are in good company

Like Obelix, it is as though John also fell into a barrel of wine as a child, and from that moment his passion grew. There is no winery or farm in Italy or abroad, for that matter, that can escape him, always looking for that rare gem, quality wine, at a fair price. Over the last 25 years he has sourced, visited and tasted wines throughout Italy, France, Argentina, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Germany, the United States.

Enter John's Cellar

John Nolan and his “OffLicense” crew represent one of the best Italian companies in the vast, articulated panorama of the online wine trade specialised in high quality wines, craft beers and spirits.

This story began back in 2004, when our maiden store in Rome was founded, with headquarters in Via Veio 4 (San Giovanni area). It soon became a reference point for wine, beer, rum and whisky enthusiasts.

It is a reality that best represents the history, but also the future of the Italian world of wine.

Johnny’s Offlicence is a haven for high quality wines, most which are made with local grapes varieties, which number in the thousands throughout Italy. We made it our mission to select the very best for our clients.

Thanks to our particular attention to detail, carrying out a thorough analysis of the vineyards and tasting all the products before they enter the store, we have become a reference point for experts and wine-lovers alike, across the sector. Our goal is to promote the essence of Italian viticultural heritage and its best fruits. Wine is a pure living matter in constant evolution, you could say in a way, it is a bit like our store.

We promote the beautiful world of Italian wine making, from the romantic aspects to the finished product, which has always been a flagship of ‘Made in Italy’. Drinking a glass of wine means creating a wonderful interaction between the where it was produced, the vineyards, and the local culture. More often than not local wines are entwined with the local enogastronomic culture, providing the ideal pairings between, the wines produced and the typical recipes of each territory (this is why every now and then we like to offer small selected foods to pair with wines).

On our site you will find a continually updated selection of red and white wines, craft beers and high quality liquors and spirits. You can select the best Italian wines by region or type.

We hope you will have fun exploring our online cellar and discovering the incredible wines we offer.

From Ireland to Italy
Irish by birth, John could not resist the charms of Italy, its culture, its food and especially its wine. For thirty years he has lived in Italy embracing the culture and on the hunt for that special wine or beer. A way of life, appreciated to the full by sharing it with friends and loved ones.

This passion for Italian culture, food and wine led to the creation of ‘Johnny’s OffLicense’ store in 2004, followed by their online store where you can find a gateway to this world and enjoy it. Johnny’s team also collaborates with breweries, vineyards and distilleries, partnering with them to create exciting new products in limited editions.

From Italy to all over the world
Together with stocking prize winning collectible wines, champagnes and spirits our forté is finding those small family owned vineyards making traditional wines. We don’t just ship wines, but also the passion, culture, respect and love that has gone into every bottle. We look forward to bringing you on this incredible tour of Italy, from the comfort of your own home, through a wine glass.
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