Prosecco has had worldwide success in recent years and is often compared to Champagne.

Prosecco is obtained mainly using Glera grapes in the Charmat method, or tank, which involves a second fermentation in a stainless steel autoclave. The production of champagne is more complex and takes longer, thus imposing a higher price.

The champagne uses Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes. The production requires a secondary fermentation in the bottle, known as Methode Traditional. The difference in manufacturing results in a different bubble experience. Champagne is bottled at a minimum of 6 atmospheres of pressure, resulting in thorny and consistent bubbles, while Prosecco can be produced from 1 atmosphere. This lower pressure creates a more foamy bubble which dissipates more easily.

And what about the taste? Prosecco can have notes of peach, apple, pear, melon and cream, combined with intense floral aromas. Champagne tastes more like citrus, almonds, and brioche.

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